LENOXX Child's Keyboard with Stool and Mic - Blue

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LENOXX Child's Keyboard with Stool and Mic - Blue
Give your child the gift of music – the gift of development in their social, academic and physical skills, all proven benefits of learning a musical instrument as a child.

Watch as they sing, tap and discover a new talent, one that can bring discipline, practise and even a boost to their self-esteem.

With 24-keys, this children’s electronic keyboard is programmed with a series of demo songs to kick-start your child’s learning. The range of light and colour effects, along with fun tunes and sound prompts, combines visual and auditory learning cues to excite your child’s senses, and assist them in learning the keyboard in a relaxing, highly interactive way.

Our children’s electronic keyboards come with everything your child needs to jump straight into practise, with a stool, stand and microphone pre-packaged to ensure they get the full, rich experience of beginning a new instrument.

The keyboard comes fitted with a ‘sing-a-long’ microphone with a full recording and playback function, allowing them to enjoy the results of what they are creating, as they create it.

This electronic keyboard lets your child learn and discover music their way. Give them the gift of a new skill, something they will treasure for years to come.