TASCO Stealth Cam GXW 12MP Wireless Trail Camera

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TASCO Stealth Cam GXW 12MP Wireless Trail Camera
The Stealth Cam GXW Triad 12 Megapixel Scouting Cam w/ Wireless Image Transmission STC-GX45NGW was developed to provide you with clear and vivid images in a plethora of lighting situations. Thanks to advanced image processing, Matrix advanced blur reduction, and Retina for low light sensitivity, your wireless trail camera allows you to capture flawless images in almost any weather or lighting condition. With a built in, 2 inch(5cm) color LCD viewing screen, this incredible wireless scout camera from the experts at Stealth Cam allows you to see your pictures on the spot without the need for any additional or external devices. For an impressive way to make sure you have one of the best trail cameras available, choose this Stealth 12MP trail camera.

Product Overview

* 12.0 Megapixel (4 resolutions) 12mp / 8mp / 4mp
* 1080P HD Video recording H.264 Compression
* Time Lapse with PIR Override
* Built in 5cm Color LCD Viewing Screen
* Reflex Trigger - 0.4 seconds
* 1080P / 960P / 720P / VGA
* Matrix Advanced Blur Reduction
* Retina Low Light sensitivity
* Operates on 12 AA batteries
* External power jack for 12V battery box
* 1080P HD video w/ sound